Oakland Gardens, NY

Job Description

Job Summary

We are looking for a Part Time courier/delivery person, Mon to Friday from 5pm to 10pm

Job Requirements

  • Adhere to all policies and guidelines set forth in Policy and Procedure manual.
  • Valid State issued Driver’s License in good standing.
  • Good Hygiene and Dress in a clean appropriate manner
  • Keeping vehicle clean on the interior and exterior and presentable at all times.
  • Meeting Customer’s at home locations or companies and identifying yourself to the Customer in a friendly manner at the promised times.
  • Clean driving record with no traffic violations, DUI’s or reckless driving convictions within the past five (5) years.
  • Basic knowledge of Area’s within delivery routes and ability to obey traffic laws and follow established traffic and transportation procedures.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  • Ability to use pharmacy phone
  • Ability to read and interpret maps, GPS directions or verbal demographic directions as required for timely deliveries.

Training, if applicable

  • Training provided.

Physical Requirements, if applicable

  • This position requires the employee to be in good physical condition. The employee will perform light to moderate lifting (50 pounds or less to waist level) and carrying with some stooping or crouching required to lift items.
  • Must have visual acuity to safely operate a vehicle; read text on paper, and smaller fonts on a computer.
  • Excellent listening skills are required in order to efficiently gather information from patients and clients and communicate the information to other staff and/or healthcare providers.
  • Above average speaking skills are required to effectively communicate with other staff, patients and healthcare providers/coordinators.
  • The employee must be able to sit, stand and walk throughout the day depending on the required task(s) being performed.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Delivery of pharmaceutical’s and/or goods to Homes, Businesses or companies.
  • Ability to Load all Merchandise into vehicle for delivery.
  • Delivery Driver must arrive at the pharmacy by scheduled time, in advance if necessary, to prepare for the day’s work.
  • Delivery Driver must make sure all deliveries are entered into the register for delivery, and ensure all addresses for delivery are correct and labeled correctly prior to leaving.
  • Delivery Driver must make sure all meds are enclosed to also include ensuring refrigerated items are properly packaged (Cold Chain) and no products appear to be damaged.
  • Delivery Driver must abide by all traffic law’s including speed limits, traffic signs, lights, etc. to ensure the safety of self, pedestrians and all others during the delivery process.
  • Delivery Driver is responsible for inspecting and maintaining vehicle for basic daily operation for proper working condition and to ensure safety; including but not limited to: adding fluids and checking oil levels as required, checking tire pressure, brakes, headlights and gasoline.
  • Able to perform emergency repairs when necessary such as changing tires. Road Side service is available.
  • The delivery driver will record each stop during the day in the order as per the delivery log, and prior to leaving store. They will have separate bags/sashes for each location.
  • Delivery tech will check in after completing each home during the day and will relay any messages to staff pertaining to the patients. Delivery driver will always be available to answer the phone when required.
  • Responsible for any medications that are brought back per patient request and must be handled immediately when arriving back to store: all medications must be either reconciled/returned or voided as per procedures.

Job Type: Full-time

Application Questions You have requested that Indeed ask candidates the following questions:

  • How many years of Professional Driving experience do you have?
  • Are you able to work in Queens, NY 11364
  • Do you have the following license or certification: Driver?
  • Do you speak Spanish?

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