360° Partnerships

Total Care Rx is more than your traditional pharmacy.

We go above and beyond to service our patients by creating value-add partnerships that guide and inform our patient-centric model of care.

Total Care Rx examines the entire relationship of the entities that impact the patient. Because we maintain long standing relationships with top providers in New York, we have a deep understanding of the needs of each constituency.

Limited Drug Distribution Channels

If you are a drug manufacturer interested in limiting your distribution channels to control the efficacy and standards of your supply, Total Care Rx is a premium partner. Inquire today about our partnership programs that will help close the loop on reporting and provide high quality data for your programs.

Specialty pharmacies offer the unique ability to provide high quality, measurable data in a controlled environment. Total Care Rx is one of the top rated specialty pharmacies located in the most populous area in the country, which gives us keen insight into several disease states.