Transplant Care Services

Total Care offers a complete range of specialty services to patients who have undergone transplant surgery and to the caregivers who serve them

Here is an outline of the steps involved in your care


While the patient is in the hospital, the pharmacy receives an initial phone call from the hospital with details of personal information and medications.


Total Care coordinates insurance benefits with hospital. In the process, Total Care explains that our Transplant Team will monitor new incoming orders and inform the patient of medication changes.


Total Care delivers the initial package of medications to the hospital.


The hospital Transplant unit reviews the medications with the doctor and the patient.


Once the patient is discharged, Total Care will follow up a few days later to see how the patient is doing and explain what we will be providing. Total Care will also review any bills and payment arrangements with the patient.


Total Care will contact the patient approximately every three weeks to do medication management therapy.


When patients need refills, Total Care will obtain the new prescriptions from the hospital pharmacy coordinator or from the doctor’s office.


The medication will be delivered on a date that is convenient for the patient.

Kidney transplantation and dialysis

If you are undergoing dialysis while waiting for your kidney transplant, we will deliver your medications to the facility where your dialysis is being performed. We can also deliver your medications to your home.

Our services include:

Filling your prescriptions

We stock a complete line of transplant medications.

Expert advice

Our transplant team includes pharmacists who specialize in transplant drugs and are happy to advise you.


We offer free delivery to your facility or to your home. Of course, you can also pick your prescription up at the pharmacy.

Assistance with insurance

We have an expert billing staff who can help with Medicare and private insurance plans to make sure you enjoy the benefits of your plan as well as to provide assistance with insurance related issues.

Total Care provides expert help for all of your transplant needs.

Total Care provides the specialized medications and other services you need during your pre-transplant period and your post-transplant period. The level of care we provide goes far beyond the prescription.

Total Care knows you have distinct needs. It is critical that you take your medicines as prescribed to avert the danger of organ rejection and to prevent infections. We also know that meeting your needs will help you enjoy a healthy new lifestyle.

You will find that Total Care has a dedicated team of pharmacists and other staff for Transplant Care.

Total Care realizes that your care can be expensive and we pride ourselves on helping you meet the costs as affordably as possible. For example, our pharmacists are always ready to advise you about less-expensive generic alternatives for your prescription drugs. Total Care boasts an entire billing staff that can advise you about how to work with your insurance plan to assure optimal coverage.