Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Medicare that aren’t answered here, we invite you to contact us.

Our pharmacists will be glad to answer your questions whenever you may have them. A pharmacist is available for your questions at 718-762-7111.

If you would prefer to ask us questions via our HIPAA compliant secure email, email us.

What will my CO-PAY be?

Payments to the pharmacy are usually of two types; co-pay and deductible. A deductible is an out-of-pocket fee you are required to pay before your insurance “kicks in”. For example, if your insurer approved a charge of $10.00 and your deductible of $250 has not been met, you would pay the full amount of $10.00 for the prescription. After you have paid the complete deductible, the insurer would then have you pay a portion (the co-pay) . Co-pays vary from one plan to another, you should check your insurance company’s website, call your plan administrator at work, or call the help line number on the benefit card to find out exactly how much the co-pay is.

Can you help with medication compliance?

Many patients need help remembering to take their medications as directed. We have a variety of tools and methods to help you remember to take your medication including alarms, email notifications, pill boxes and others.

Can Total Care RX, Inc. guarantee the integrity of its medications from pharmacy to customer?

All medications will be shipped according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

How do I report an adverse drug reaction?

The FDA asks that patients report adverse drug events to their physicians. There are instructions for self-reporting through the FDAs MedWatch program at You may also call the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 to report by telephone. The FDA also encourages consumers to contact the drug manufacturer in the case of an adverse drug event

How do I file a claim with my prescription insurance to pay for my medication?

Your prescription insurance card should have a toll-free telephone number for customer inquiries posted on it. Ask the customer service representative what forms you need to fill out in order to file a claim for a prescription. These forms are also often available on your insurance company’s website. It is a good idea to do this BEFORE you send your prescription to Total Care RX, Inc. In some cases, insurance companies will require the signature of the pharmacist on your claim form. You may simply send your claim form to our pharmacy along with your prescription.

The receipts that our pharmacy provides with all of our prescriptions should be acceptable to your insurance company for claim submission. If you have any trouble submitting a claim, feel free to ask one of our pharmacists for an additional signed print-out of your pharmacy expenses.

Can I fax my prescription to the pharmacy myself?

Only a prescriber can legally send prescriptions to our pharmacy by fax. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept faxed copies from our customers. You can either ask your prescriber to fax the prescription directly from his/her office, or you can mail the original, signed prescription to us (no photocopies, please). Our mailing address is:

Total Care RX, Inc.
223-10 Union Tpke
Oakland Gardens, NY 11364

How do I handle a package that arrived in damaged condition?

You should contact our pharmacy at 718-762-7111 or our e-mail us to let us know about the damaged product immediately. We will instruct you on a return procedure, including how to get your medication to you as quickly as possible.

Can I track my order?

Yes, our pharmacy will provide you with a tracking number for your package as soon as it ships.

Can I return my prescription product if I no longer want or need it?

Once RX medications have been verified against a prescription and shipped to you, our pharmacy is unable to accept returns of these items unless they are damaged or faulty.

Likewise, we cannot accept RX medications back into our pharmacy due to a “change of mind” and deciding to purchase an alternative.

Our pharmacy is a fully licensed pharmacy, providing only genuine medications and as such, we do not provide refunds for prescription medications.

How long is a prescription valid? When does my prescription expire?

In most cases, a prescription is valid for 12 months from the date it is written by your prescriber. Any refills on that prescription should be ordered within that 12-month time frame. Once a prescription expires, you will be required to obtain a new prescription from your doctor in order for us to fulfill your medications, even if there are refills remaining on it.

Our pharmacists are happy to request refills from your prescriber in your name. However, in the case of certain chronic care drugs, many prescribers wish to see their patients on a much more frequent schedule than others. You may have better results by contacting your physician yourself in case you are requested to make an appointment before another prescription will be written.

Can I cancel my order? How do I do this?

You can cancel an order provided it hasn’t already been shipped. Most orders are shipped very quickly, so please contact us immediately if you need to cancel your order. To do so, please email us with your order number and include the word ‘cancel’ in the subject line. We will then send you a cancellation response to verify that we received your request.

How do I dispose of unwanted/unused/expired medication?
How do I dispose of used needles?
Are your pharmacists accessible to talk with?

Yes. Our pharmacy is staffed seven days a week. Our pharmacists will be glad to answer your questions whenever you may have them. A pharmacist is available for your questions at 718-358-1300.

If you would prefer to ask us questions via our HIPAA compliant secure email, email us at

What are your hours of operation?

Mon-Fri: 10am-6pm ET
Sat: 9am to 5pm ET
Sun: 9am to 2pm ET

How can Total Care Rx help fill my prescription?
  • Will work with you and your doctor’s office to fill your prescription in a timely manner.
  • Support through the insurance approval process
  • Financial & billing assistance to ensure low out of pocket expenses as possible.


How to obtain a refill
  • Prescription refill Reminder program.
  • Monthly wellness reviews of any questions or concerns you may have regarding your medication(s)
  • Call 866.868.2579 for a pharmacy associate for special reminders.


How to check on a prescription status:

Please call 866.868.2579 and request to speak with one of our pharmacy care coordinators or pharmacists. The will advise you where in the process your prescription is in.


Information on prescription substitutions:

Total Care Rx complies with state regulations regarding substitution requirements. Most of the time insurance formularies requires substitutions; we will work with your doctor and patient at that time.


How to transfer a prescription to another pharmacy

If Total Care Rx is unable to process a prescription, and the patient’s insurance requires it to be filled at a mandated pharmacy, ie. Mail Order, Specialty Pharmacy. A Pharmacy Care Associate with forward it and follow up with the prescribing doctor.

How can you obtain medications not available at out pharmacy?

When necessary, Total Care Rx forwards the prescription to an appropriate HUB, at which we would follow up with the patient and prescribing doctor.

How to handle medication recalls?

Total Care Rx, receives notices directly from manufacturers, FDA and other forms of product information sources that advises of product stability and recall instructions. We will notify you if your product currently being used by you and advise you of how to exchange it with us. If you have questions whether your product

How to access medications in case of an emergency or disaster?

Please call 866.868.2579 and request to speak with a Pharmacist. They will listen and work on a plan to get your medications to you or coordinate an alternate safe location.

How to report concerns or errors?

Please call 866.868.2579 and request to speak with a Pharmacy Supervisor or the Pharmacist in Charge. They will listen and work on rapidly alleviating your reported concerns or errors.

If you are not satisfied with the way we rectified your concerns, you can report it to our Compliance Officer by dialing 866.868.2579 and pressing extension 510.


The role of specialty pharmacies, which serve patients with complex, chronic diseases, is even more critical to patient outcomes – ultimately driving financial outcomes.

URAC’s Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation helps specialty pharmacies position themselves and demonstrate their value in delivering these specialized clinical services. Many payers and manufacturers recognize the URAC Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation as a key differentiator and independent validation of quality – often including this accreditation as a requirement to participate in their network.