Total Care RX provides all the necessary assistance to make staying adherent and on-schedule easy.

Treating Epilepsy

Total Care RX has access to the most advanced and effective medications, such as Vimpat, Banzel, Keppra, and Depakote, based on your doctor’s recommendation. 


Total Care RX has access to Epidiolex, the only FDA-approved drug for Dravet syndrome, and the leading FDA-approved drug for Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) on the market.

Epidiolex Enrollment Form

Helping Improve Adherence

Epilepsy treatment regimens can change frequently in order to maintain optimal effect. Total Care Rx specializes in optimizing the drug regimen by working with dosage changes.  We support patients to maintain adherence throughout the medication titration process. 

Total Care Rx works with patients to minimize out-of-pocket costs throughout treatment.

Manufacturer copay cards, and nonprofit foundations can relieve patients of some costs. We offer compliance packaging, to ensure patients and their caregivers keep track of medications.


Compounding Medications

Many patients with epilepsy are on the keto diet—a low-carb restriction which can help manage seizures—so they can’t consume sugar. Unfortunately, many of the medications contain sugar and other sweeteners. We’re one of the few pharmacies in the country who compound medications, such as Zonisamide and Topiramate, to make them sugar-free.