Long Term Care

Servicing Residential Facilities for clients with long-term care needs and developmental disabilities is one of the areas that truly sets us apart.

Total Care RX is proud of our commitment to these facilities and the clients they care for and serve.

Our custom programs are lauded in the industry. We share in the mission of each facility we work with to provide extraordinary care to all residents.

When you work with Total Care RX you are partnering with a pharmacy that is large enough to handle a wide variety of long-term care services and products yet nimble and flexible enough to give you the personalized service your facility demands.

Give Clients The Care They Deserve & Need

Total Care RX provides a range of services, all specifically designed to ensure that caregivers have the time needed to give their undivided attention to individual clients. Medication synchronization, electronic MARs, Web based connectivity and monthly cycle fills  all relieve the facility from time-consuming administrative responsibilities.

A Comprehensive Approach To Long-Term Care Synchronization Program

A truly unique aspect of Total Care’s services, our Synchronization Program ensures that caregivers don’t spend hours in a medication room accounting for which prescription drugs need re-ordering.

Intead, Total Care RX will synchronize each clients’ medications. We’ll deliver just enough of each medication to fill your clients’ needs up until your cycle date. Syncing all your clients’ medications requires you to only place one order per month. We can even send you the medications on the same day every month, taking the worry out of reordering medications and allowing you to focus on patient care. 


This refers to (paper and electronic) Medical Administration Records, which is a legal record of the drugs that must be administered to an individual patient. Total Care’s MARs system is a completely customizable service that makes an easy-to-understand system a top priority. Our MARs include dosage directions that are grouped in a user-friendly, intuitive way that greatly lessens the chance of a missed dose. We interface with most eMAR applications and can provide support and guidance with implementation of an eMAR strategy.  

In an effort to foster direct connectivity between caregivers and a patient’s prescription records, WebConnect provides instant access to patient profiles and allows facilities to reorder medications , track any changes or updates to a patient’s MAR, print MARs, gain access to a list of drug profiles and drug interactions, as well as a 24-hour answering service to check the status of any orders. 

Competitive Pricing

Total Care RX offers competitive pricing on over-the-counter (OTC) medication in blister packs and stock bottles. In fact, knowing that price is critical,, we have  developed a strategic process for selecting the most affordable OTC medications.

An annual review of Medicare Part D coverage and costs ensures that all individual clients are enrolled in the best, most comprehensive drug plan. Our Pharmacist-led approach ensures that expert pharmacists and our trained support team closely handle all Medicare D evaluations.

Customizable Plans

The individual clients you serve each require an extremely specialized approach to care, whether that’s administering behavioral or seizure medications or assisting with feeding. Total Care RX understands each long-term care facility and their clients have unique conditions. Our expert staff carefully creates customized plans to meet and exceed the needs of clients and their caregivers.

Other Services We Provide

  • Unit Dose Packaging of Medication in Proprietary Blister Packs
  • Daily Delivery
  • Nutritional Supplements 
  • Accept All Commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare Plans
  • Pharmacist available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for urgent needs
  • Automated prescription monitoring for dosing and drug interactions
  • Multilingual customer service