Transplant Care

Total Care RX understands the challenges that transplant recipients face keeping up with their medication regimen.

Total Care RX understands the challenges that transplant recipients face keeping up with their medicine regimen.

Total Care RX employs a multidisciplinary transplant team to work closely with our clients and their healthcare team to ensure appropriate medication and dosing while in the hospital and after discharge. Our transplant pharmacy team closely monitors clients through medication therapy management to ensure compliance as well as to track potential side effects or interactions with transplant anti-rejection drugs.


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Various conditions create the need for a transplant, such as lung, liver, heart, or kidney disease.


After Your Transplant

During your recovery period, you will still want to continue to work closely with your transplant team. Doing so will speed your return to an active lifestyle and minimize the chances of organ rejection.

Help With Billing

Total Care RX offers the necessary help with complicated billing of medications to Medicare Part B. We help our patients with intricate insurance issues including benefits coorddination with multiple payors. For more information on Medicare and insurance plans please contact us

Total Care RX offers assistance to help insured patients that may be having difficulty paying the co-pays for their medications. We want our patients to focus on getting well rather than billing issues. Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through all the co-pay assistance possibilities. 


The Total Care RX Step by Step Approach To Proper Transplant Care

Step 1

While the patient is in the hospital, the pharmacy receives an initial phone call from the hospital with details of personal information and medications.

Step 2

Total Care RX coordinates insurance benefits with hospital. In the process, we explain that our Transplant Team will monitor new incoming orders and inform the patient of medication changes.

Step 3

Total Care RX delivers the initial package of medications to the hospital.

Step 4

The hospital Transplant Team reviews the medications with patients before discharge.

Step 5

Once the patient is discharged, Total Care RX will follow up a few days later to see how the patient is doing and explain what we will be providing. Total Care RX will also review any bills and payment arrangements with the patient.

Step 6

Total Care RX will contact the patient approximately every three weeks to perform medication management therapy.

Step 7

When patients need refills, Total Care RX will obtain the new prescriptions from the hospital pharmacy coordinator or from the doctor’s office.

Step 8

The medication will be delivered on a date that is convenient for the patient.


Support Helps The Healing Process

Total Care RX believes strongly that support groups help bring people together and provide a common ground for those suffering from similar medical conditions. The sharing of experiences, feelings and coping strategies can become a major part of the healing process.

For our Transplant patients we highly recommend the following support groups.

TRIO (Transplant Recipient International Organization) is committed to improving the quality of life for transplant candidates and offers transplant patients awareness, support, education and advocacy.

The United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) provides a state-by-state listing of transplant support groups, many of which are run by transplant patients, for pre- and post-transplant patients and their families.

The American Transplant Foundation provides three tiers of support for living donors; transplant recipients and their families.