Are you stretching resources to get care to patients?

Total Care Rx supports providers who serve vulnerable communities through the 340B program.

  • Verifying eligibility for services
  • Supporting patients’ adherence and success by helping them understand their treatment plans and working closely with providers and caregivers.
  • Maintaining accurate dispensing records to support program compliance and prevent duplicate discounts.

The 340B program can generate valuable savings on outpatient prescription medication and significant revenue for eligible providers who serve vulnerable populations.

Providers can reinvest 340B revenue to expand care and increase access to care in the communities they serve.


Let us help you achieve your mission.

  • Our PrimeCare system can integrate with any EMR system.
  • Drug Utilization Reports can be specific for individuals, by location, drug or prescriber.
  • MAR’s are printed accordingly to category of medications. All anti-psychotics and anticonvulsants are printed together.
  • Customizable MAR’s to drug regimen.