Residential Facilities

Servicing Residential Facilities for clients with long-term care needs and developmental disabilities is one of the areas that truly sets us apart.

Total Care Rx is proud of our commitment to these facilities and the patients they care for and serve. We have a dedicated service team that provides real-time access to four pharmacists and customized medical adherence records (MAR’s).

Our custom programs are lauded in the industry, which is why our residential facility retention rate is unsurpassed.

This is the definition of white-glove service in the long-term care industry. Total Care Rx doesn’t outsource the delivery of medications. We have a dispatch unit and dedicated drivers around the clock as well as a 24-hour emergency hotline staffed by a licensed pharmacist to assist with any issues.

Total Care Rx acquired World’s Fair Pharmacy to increase its reach and offerings in Residential Facilities and is proud to service the following agencies: