HIV Care

An entire pharmacy team dedicated to the care of patients undergoing HIV/AIDS treatment

Total Care RX has long specialized in the treatment and care of HIV/Aids patients. Understanding the importance of offering the latest in HIV/AIDS therapy, a dedicated team of pharmacists and technicians work closely with clients and their healthcare providers to monitor how clients comply with drug regimens and adjust therapies based on clients lifestyle and efficacy. Total Care RX also offers a wide range of HIV/AIDS care supplements to assist with critical health care needs.

We are expert at providing the medications patients require in the treatment of HIV/AIDS and have been doing it for over 30 years. We stock the full line of medications and nutritional supplements. In fact, we were one of the first pharmacies to distribute the first oral medications.

Compliance is especially important in HIV/AIDS therapy. More than 20 drugs have been approved and many others are on the way. Using just one pharmacy helps assure that you take the proper medications as prescribed. It also enables your pharmacist to identify potential drug interactions and recognize side effects that may occur due to medication mixing or health conditions.


We provide the highest level of confidentiality possible. We work directly with your physician. We also provide specialized packaging.

Proper Dosing, Made Easy

Proper dosing and rigorous compliance assure the best results. To help you take your medications properly, we provide your medications as a unit dose.

Personal Attention

When you come to the pharmacy, you’ll be directed to a particular person who knows you. You will be identified by name in our computer system.

Periodic Review

To make sure you are getting the medications that have been prescribed, we conduct a periodic review of your program.

Help With Insurance

HIV/AIDS drugs are relatively costly. We are happy to work with your insurance provider to make sure your costs are covered in the best possible ways.

We pride ourselves on innovative solutions and extraordinary service to our HIV/AIDS patients and their caregivers.

We stock a complete supply of HIV/AIDS drugs, as well as the medicines required to treat other infections that may result from your condition.

Total Care RX goes far beyond the prescription to provide the complete range of services that HIV/AIDS patients require.

We offer our customers very personalized care. As part of providing the pharmacy care, we team up with the health care providers and the institutions that serve the patients.

When we fill your prescriptions, we don’t just stop there. We monitor each patient to insure compliance, watch for adverse reactions, and provide the ideal packaging for every medication.

We also know that HIV/AIDS care can be expensive. So we do our best to advise our patients so they can meet the costs of their care by selecting the most cost-effective pharmacy solutions and advising them about how to work best with their insurance providers.

We also provide visits to patients at home and in long-term care facilities. We believe that personal interaction with the patient and the facilities we work with helps provide more effective pharmacy care.

Customer Support

If you require treatment for HIV/AIDS, we are here to help.

We were one of the first pharmacies to distribute the first oral medication (AZT), and we’ve been providing pharmacy support for HIV/AIDS patients for over 30 years. We stock the full line of medications and nutritional supplements. We also stock the complete line of medications required to treat other illnesses that may develop as complications of your condition.

And the level of care we provide goes far beyond the prescription. We know you have distinct needs. As you know, compliance with your prescriptions is critically important. We also know that meeting your needs will help you stay healthy and safe. So we have a dedicated team of pharmacists and other personnel for our HIV/AIDS patients.

We realize that the medical care you require is expensive, and we pride ourselves on helping you meet the costs as affordably as possible. For example, our pharmacists are always ready to advise you about less-expensive generic alternatives for your prescription drugs, and we have an entire billing staff that can advise you about how to work with your insurance plan to assure optimal coverage.

When you trust Total Care RX with your HIV/AIDS pharmacy care, you can be sure that you’ll have the finest pharmacy services available anywhere. We want you lead a healthy and productive life, and we’re here to do everything we can to help you do it.

We stock the full range of HIV/AIDS medications and nutritional supplements

Today, there are more than 20 medications approved for the treatment of HIV/AIDS, with more various stages of development. There are also many nutritional supplements.

As you know, strict compliance with the medications that have been prescribed for you is a critical aspect of your treatment. Our dedicated pharmacy team for HIV/AIDS is ready to help you with your prescriptions and to advise you about them.

We also encourage you to choose only one pharmacy for all of your needs. Then the pharmacist will know all the medications you’re taking and the dosages of each.

As a result, the pharmacist will be better able to monitor your condition, your compliance, and any adverse side effects, as well as help you avoid harmful drug interactions.

Explanation of the medications and nutritionals your physician prescribes.

If you have questions about any of the medications or nutritional supplements your physician prescribes, we’ll be happy to explain their uses, actions, treatment benefits, and any possible side effects.

Counseling about your condition

When you have any questions about your condition, we’re ready to provide personal counseling.

Help with your insurance

We realize that your medications are expensive and are happy to advise you about ways you can save on them. We’re also expert at how to work with your insurance plan to make sure your coverage is optimal. We can also advise you about potential sources of financial assistance.


You can come to the pharmacy to pick up your medications or we can deliver them to you, whether at home on in a long-term care facility.


All your medications will be packaged appropriately and with respect for privacy and confidentiality.

Answers to questions about your medications

If you have any questions about your HIV/AIDS medications that we haven’t answered, we invite you to come in and talk to our HIV/AIDS specialty pharmacy team. You can also email or call us.

To help you understand your medications and nutritional supplements, we’ve compiled a list of them with brief descriptions of the uses, actions, and possible side effects.