Nutritional Care

We offer a complete line of quality nutritional supplements along with expert advice.

Good nutrition is the basis of good health. We carry a complete line of nutritional supplements for better health, as well as supplements for the treatment of metabolic disorders. Total Care Rx is proud to carry only the finest brand including Abbott Labs and Nestle, because we know they provide the nutritional values you are looking for.

The importance of good nutrition

Vitamins and minerals are as important to your diet as carbohydrates, protein and fats. They function as co-enzymes, which facilitate chemical reactions in the body.

Sometimes our diets may not provide all the vitamins and minerals we need and dietary supplements can make up the difference and help ensure that you remain in good health.

Coordination with your physician or nutritionist

To help you devise a nutritional plan that’s right for you, we will be happy to coordinate with your physician or nutritionist.

Metabolic Disorders

We stock supplements for the treatment of metabolic disorders, including phenylketurnia (PKU) and maple syrup urine disease (MSUD). With the proper nutritional supplements, you will be confident that you can avoid nutritional deficiencies and maintain good health.

Customer Support

We have an entire specialty pharmacy team dedicated to your nutritional needs for the treatment of metabolic disorders and other nutritional deficiencies.

We pride ourselves on providing extraordinary service to meet the nutritional needs of patients and their caregivers. We stock a complete supply of nutritionals for the treatment of metabolic disorders, including phenylketurnia (PKU) and maple syrup urine disease (MSUD), and for treating other vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Total Care RX goes far beyond the prescription to provide the complete range of services that patients with nutritional needs require. We offer our customers very personalized care. As part of providing the pharmacy care, we team up with the health care providers and the institutions that serve the patients.

When we fill your prescriptions, we don’t just stop there. We monitor each patient to insure compliance, watch for adverse developments in their conditions, and provide the ideal packaging for every nutritional, as well as for the medications that may be used for the disease that underlies their nutritional problem. We know that nutritionals can be expensive. So we do our best to advise our patients so they can meet the costs of their nutritional care by selecting the most cost-effective pharmacy solutions and advising them about how to work best with their insurance providers.

We also provide visits to patients at home and in long-term care facilities. We believe that personal interaction with the patient and the facilities we work with helps provide more effective pharmacy care.

Our goal is to help you maintain your health and live a long and productive life.

If you have nutritional needs to treat a metabolic disorder or to make up for a deficiency, we’re here to help.

We’ve been providing specialized pharmacy support for patients with nutritional needs for 40 years.

We stock a complete line of nutritionals for the treatment of metabolic disorders, including nutritionals to treat phenylketurnia (PKU) and maple syrup urine disease (MSUD), as well as nutritionals to treat other forms of deficiencies.

And the level of care we provide goes far beyond the prescription. We know you have distinct needs. As you know, compliance with the treatment regimen your physician or nutritionist creates is critically important.

We know that meeting your nutritional needs will help you stay healthy and safe. So you’ll find that our team of pharmacists and other personnel are thoroughly knowledgeable about your treatment options and dedicated to helping you manage your nutritional needs optimally.

We also realize that the medical care you require can be expensive, and we pride ourselves on helping you meet the costs as affordably as possible. For example, our pharmacists are always ready to advise you about less-expensive generic alternatives, and we have an entire billing staff that can advise you about how to work with your insurance plan to assure optimal coverage.

When you trust Total Care RX with your nutritional pharmacy care, you can be sure that you’ll have the finest nutritional services available anywhere.We want you lead a healthy and productive life, and we’re here to do everything we can to help you do it.